This page compares actuators based on measurements. The database is designed to compare linear contractile materials. It enables:

  • Device designers to find potential matches to their actuation needs through the actuator selection form.
  • Researchers and designers to create plots comparing any two fields stored in the database.
  • Users to browse the complete database compiled from several different researcher’s results.

Additional features include:

  • A summary table comparing actuator properties.
  • A text description of the fields that are stored for each actuator.
  • A data submission feature (contact the database manager to obtain a password).



2005-2007 University of British Columbia. The page was developed by the Molecular Mechatronics Group at the University of British Columbia. The web and database designers are Neale Genereux, Kelly Shkuratoff, Alex Van der Star, Paul Cheng, Gillian Hsu and Luca Filipozzi. Derek Poon and Luca Filipozzi provided technical oversight. John Madden set the specifications.