10 Years Later …

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This week we had a small celebration for our team and our other colleagues and friends in our building to mark two important events. The first is the launch of PlanSource FT – File Transfer our latest new technology solution for the construction industry. The second reason was to mark the achievement of 10 years of bringing practical and user friendly software to the construction industry.

construction software celebrationWe launched this company in 2000 just as the dot.com bubble was bursting. We had two customers and one product designed for construction association planrooms. Over the course of our 10 year journey we have grown to be an innovative leader in on demand construction software for construction professionals. Our client base has expanded to include Planroom Operators, General Contractors, Architectural firms, Developers as well as Public and Private Owners. We now have three distinct products that deliver effective solutions for a dozen different functional requirements for our clients. We’ve hosted documents and delivered services for well over 100,000 projects, have tens of thousands of people who have used our services and have delivered millions of pages of documents and project information online. We know all about being on the leading edge of the technology adoption curve and have successfully reached this 10 year milestone.

I hope you will forgive me for this very public celebration of our team’s accomplishments but I am very proud of the company we have built and the continuous practical innovation we have managed to bring to the industry. Our product development roadmap includes a number of exciting new innovations that will complement the core services we have already introduced. The evolution of online bid submission and the integration of technologies like BIM into everyday workflows offer tremendous opportunities for the future. I am excited with the direction the industry is moving and look forward to continuing to participate in building a better construction industry.