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Lately, I have been doing a lot of traveling and meeting with a wide range of companies involved in the construction information technology sector.

This is a sector that barely existed 10 years ago, now it is expanding and changing very quickly. It is not a surprise that this is happening as construction is the largest single industry in the world and represents huge business opportunities. The surprise is how long it has taken to get to this stage.

construction information technology worldWhen we deployed our first application over the Internet in 1997 ( now more elegantly described as cloud computing) there were many onlookers questioning why on earth we thought the Internet would have any place in moving and working with construction documents. Today it is well along in the transition to being the industry standard. Two key factors are driving this exciting transition. The current economic conditions are forcing companies to look for business efficiencies and an overall change in the trust level within the management community that the Internet is a safe and sensible tool to rely on, even for core business processes.

We recently merged our USA operations with Barryhund Administrators, a great new partner who were, like us, one of the pioneers in this sector of the construction industry. We are excited about the synergies and collective depth of experience we will be bringing to this dynamic and fast growing sector. As the industry moves into the Internet ‘cloud’ we will be there continuing to help lead the way.