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What do online bidding, digital documents and blogs have in common? Not much, except possibly this blog that attempts to discuss issues relating to those topics. There is a lot of noise today about social media, blogging and similar topics and how they are an essential element to every business. Does your construction related business really need a Twitter strategy? Probably not … but possibly.

For obvious reasons I pay attention to what is happening in the blogosphere, on the internet and in social media. If, by chance, your company is one of those interested in how to do blogging well or for that matter you have an interest in marketing I have a recommendation for you. Seth Godin is one of today’s most popular marketing and technology thinkers. He is a prolific blogger and is a great example of how to do it right in addition to that fact that his material is very useful. This is an example of his latest work.

organization chart

Manu’s funny brilliance aside, this collection of org charts might help you think hard about why your organization is structured the way it is.

Is it because it was built when geography mattered more than it does now? Is it an artificact of a business that had a factory at its center? Does the org chart you live with every day leverage your best people or does it get in their way?