Features You Need in Residential Construction Project Management Software

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Construction projects have many moving parts and keeping track of them is a full-time job for project managers. Unfortunately, even professional project managers don’t have the time to individually track all of these parts across several projects at once. If you manage residential construction projects, then you need a system that helps you streamline your project management responsibilities and communicate with your team. And new software tools make it easier to manage projects than ever before! Here is a look at the features that you need in residential construction project management software.

Schedule Management

One of the most important features that you need in a construction project management system? The ability to manage your schedule. With so many things to do on a construction project and limited space to do them in, you will need to coordinate different parts of the project in order. Deliveries, removals, and installations can take up a lot of space and time on your jobsite. To alleviate congestion, you need to be able to change your schedule to adjust to your projects needs on the go.

With a schedule management feature, you can access your project’s schedule from anywhere and make changes instantly so that everyone on the team is notified that the schedule has been changed. More importantly, the other members of your team can see your schedule and work accordingly. That way, you don’t have to chase team members and send constant messages about schedules, as the system will notify all team members for your with a single action. Everyone can see it in one place and know where and when things need to happen.

Task Management

Almost as important as the schedule management feature is the task management feature. Task management features should let you see the full list of tasks and who is responsible for each task. That way, you can coordinate them more effectively. Plus, this gives you the ability to see the overall progress on the project at any time.

Task management features go well with schedule management features since both parts of the project are managed simultaneously. When done right, you should be able to coordinate the people responsible for each task including when they need to work on it. That way, your project runs smoothly.

Communication with Team Members

Any project management software should let you communicate with your team members. While emails, phone calls, and messages are effective, you should be able to manage your project all from the same system. That way, you can send critical information like schedule changes or task priority changes as you make them. With a good project management system, your whole team stays up-to-date on the overall plan for your project. This can include clients or customers, too.

Of course, we don’t want to forget about the numerous other important features in residential construction project management software. From a CRM (customer relationship management) and document storage to daily logs and time clock, these features are just as necessary. The best part? This doesn’t just have to be a dream. Find these features, and more, in Buildertrend.