Generics are a great alternative to expensive drugs

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In the last few years, the range of pharmacies has expanded with effective analogues of popular drugs. In the circles of pharmaceutical manufacturers, they are called generics. If you want to buy such drugs, we recommend that you visit

What is a generic drug?

It is a drug which is almost an exact copy of its expensive counterpart-original. Its effective action and harmlessness for a human body is confirmed by the International Pharmaceutical Commission, and the drug itself is awarded a quality certificate (GMP). Pharmacological characteristics confirm its ability to replace the original drug.

How did pharmaceutical companies come to the need to produce generics?

In order for the original drug to enter the market, manufacturers need to spend several years on its development, invest a lot of financial resources and attract qualified specialists. Once the formulation of a drug is developed, it is tested for patent protection. When the patent protection for the drug expires, the pharmaceutical company gets the right to produce the generic. For a drug to be effective and not harmful to health, it must undergo a series of clinical trials. The original drug may be replaced by the generic only if it is absolutely certain that their chemical composition is equivalent.

Costs of generic production are many times less than those of the patented prototype. Their price is an order of magnitude lower than the original drug, which makes the copy more affordable for the average buyer. The average cost of a generic on the market is much lower. With a mirror resemblance to the original, the purchase of such a drug is very profitable.

The future is for generics

The production of substitute drugs is gaining momentum and has long gone beyond the means for increasing male potency. Reduced registration and patenting costs allowed pharmaceutical companies to focus their efforts on developing new ideas and increasing production capacity, while sales success depended on the correct application of marketing steps. The development of new types of generics based on the same active ingredient was a profitable solution.

They differ from each other by the speed of erection, the rules of admission and the duration of sexual arousal. We are talking about analogues known to all Viagra Levitra and Cialis. Now every buyer will be able to choose a product that fully meets their needs.

The advantages of generics is difficult to overestimate, in comparison with the original drugs, they clearly win:

  • Affordable cost makes them affordable for most people around the world;
  • In terms of safety and effectiveness, generics are not inferior to the original drugs.

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