Improving Your Efficiency on Construction Projects

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What’s the one thing impacting your ability to deliver high quality construction projects? Your company’s efficiency. If you haven’t analyzed your processes in a while, there’s no time like the present. And not only will this help the projects that are taking place now, but it will help you submit more competitive bids in the future!

Try following these tips to improve productivity and efficiency on each project your company takes on:

1. Slow down and be present in the planning stages.

Sometimes, errors are made before a project really even begins so in order to avoid this from happening, you need to slow it down. You have to devote plenty of time to planning in order to figure out the people, processes, information, materials, etc., that you will need before the project begins.

2. Listen to your staff in the field.

Your workers out in the field are your eyes and ears when it comes to what’s really happening during a project. If something is starting to go wrong, they should know right away so you need to utilize that. Experienced workers especially, can spot holes in your plan before you even get started so be sure to get their opinion.

3. Invest in more training.

Training is critical to staying sharp during a project. By helping your employees re-learn/master critical skills, you’ll see great results when it comes to the efficiency of a project. Your experienced employees will prove to be a great asset when it comes to some training as well, as they can share their skills with newer employees.

4. Keep a constant flow of communication.

What’s the most important part of a project? Communication. Your employees need to know what you are expecting of them so they can deliver their best results. And the best way to increase communication is to utilize your mobile technology, which can be even more helpful with software that puts all of your correspondence in one place.

5. Bring technology on board.

When it comes to improving efficiency, utilizing technology is the fastest path, with the biggest payoff as well. Technology, such as project management software like Buildertrend, can eliminate costly work errors and get your team on track for better delivered projects.

And if there is anything we’re forgetting that has worked for your construction company, let us know in the comments below!