Infinite Source continues to Innovate

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Infinite Source Systems Corp. is launching its latest innovative service today. Our years of experience delivering high quality online services combined with our ability to deliver practical, user friendly innovation have resulted in a new industry leading service called i.s. on demand. It is a low cost, secure subscription based document control and bid management system that is expected to quickly replace ftp sites and brown envelopes as the industry standard for sharing information and submitting bids.

Since 1997 our technology solutions have been used to manage and control the project documents for tens of thousands of projects delivering huge cost savings and efficiencies. In 2010 we began delivering bid management solutions and since then our technology has been used to receive thousands of bid submissions eliminating the need for the physical production and transportation of bids to a closing location. i.s. on demand takes the best of these two solutions and combines them in an innovative and highly competitive new service. Users simply sign up and start using it.

The service is offered directly to anyone wanting to use it at or through a growing network of distributors throughout North America and New Zealand. At a price point of $10 per month or $100 per year for unlimited use of the system to manage documents and receive bids it offers unparalleled value. There is much more innovation in the Infinite Source pipeline and subscribers will benefit from our continuous efforts to provide the best possible solutions at the best possible price.