Innovative Construction Technology

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It’s easy to say that you deliver innovative solutions for your clients. It is much harder to actually be on the forefront of inventing new methods and processes. We have been actively inventing new solutions for many years and made the decision to seek a patent for some of our latest innovations.

Infinite Source is pleased to announce that we have been granted U.S. patent number 8412618 by the US Patent and Trademark Office. As part of our System for Managing Construction Project Bidding we have developed methods to efficiently manage bidder verification and bid bond applications. These key elements of the online construction bid submission process help ensure the authenticity of the bidder and of the bid security provided with the bid. When coupled with Infinite Source’s complete online bid submission process, both bidders and those receiving bids can have confidence that the online process delivers verifiable, complete and fully compliant bid submissions. This reduces the risks and problems arising from non-compliant or incomplete bids while maintaining a highly secure yet competitive environment to manage and receive bids.US patent

This latest achievement is a great indication of our ongoing commitment to research and development leading to more efficient and effective ways to meet the ever evolving needs of the construction industry.