Is Construction ready for electronic procurement?

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That was the key question posed to a group of industry experts participating in a panel discussion at the Construct Canada conference on November 29th, 2012.

Gordon Stratford, director of design for HOK, a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm said, “We should just get over it and get into electronic procurement and do it well because it has the capabilities, if done well, to have a lot more checks and balances than the manual way does.

Stephen Bauld, President of Purchasing Consultants International stated that true e-procurement, picking up and submitting the document electronically, is going to be a game changer and has the ability to remove geographic barriers.

Regular readers of this blog will know that we are strong advocates for the use of electronic procurement systems to streamline and remove risks from the bidding process. To read complete coverage of the panel discussion and see a video prepared by the Daily Commercial News on the event follow this link.

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