The difference between proxy servers and VPN

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There are several ways to achieve anonymity online, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, proxy servers have long become popular and it is quite difficult to oust them. In most cases, buying reliable proxies that can be done here is enough to solve anonymity problems. Let’s try to understand what is the difference between a proxy and the second most popular way to obtain anonymity – VPN.

Most users do not understand the difference between VPN and Proxy. And even if we write down the definition of these words below, nothing will change. The main difference between these concepts is that VPN is a program, and Proxy is a service.

At this step, many people may begin to shout that there is OpenVPN, and, in general, to work with a VPN, no installation of the program is required. Yes it is. But manually setting up of VPN is much more difficult than a proxy.

What is the difference between Proxy and VPN?

  • VPN runs on top of the main internet connection. All programs on the device connect to the network via VPN;
  • Proxy can be configured individually for the desired program. Proxy does not affect the connection of other programs;
  • VPN consumes the smartphone battery and requires more traffic to work;
  • Proxy simply changes the address of the connection and minimally consumes system resources;
  • The VPN connection is more secure, since it uses various methods to encrypt and protect IP leaks;
  • A proxy connection is also fairly secure by encrypting HTTPS traffic.

Why proxy allows you to bypass the block

When purchasing a proxy server, you can choose your country of location. So, you will be “virtually” in the same country. If the service is not blocked in the “country” of the proxy, then you will get access to it.

But it is not always worth buying proxies in the USA, Poland, the Netherlands or other foreign countries. If the service is blocked by the country itself, for example, like LinkedIn in Russia, then a Russian server may be appropriate. Or you just want to maintain your anonymity, and you don’t need to “unlock” resources.

Such servers, though located in your country, but they may not fulfill the requirements for blocking. Plus, you get access to a blocked resource, and the maximum connection speed is maintained due to the proximity of servers. It is an indicator of the speed of connection to the network that can be improved by choosing the right proxy server. The secret is simple. The closer a proxy server is to you, the faster your network connection will be. Thus, always pay attention to which proxy server you will use.

Proxy settings

When purchasing a proxy server, you will receive the service address, username, password and port addresses for connection via HTTP / HTTPS or Socks5. About the difference between these parameters you can read on Wikipedia. In practice, you have to use the parameter that is supported in the program.

When buying a proxy, you do not need to think about what kind of operating system or device you have. Connection setup is available on almost any device with Internet access.

For example, Telegram supports Socks5, so here we select the TCP connection through socks5 and specify our connection settings.

Setting up a proxy in Telegram

As we said above, the proxy will need to be configured individually for each program in which you want to access blocked resources. On the computer, you can set the connection settings for the browser or for the entire Internet connection. More experienced users can configure a proxy connection right on the router.

Where to buy proxy

On this request, Google gives an endless list of different proxy providers. Eyes scatter, and it is not at all clear which service is more reliable, cheaper and fits your goals.

Therefore, we will simplify the task a little. The most compromise service seemed to us is They have a flexible tariff scale, which is comfortable for professionals and for those who need just anonymous proxy for personal use. When purchasing a proxy, it is important to find a reliable company that has been selling proxy servers for a long time.