The pros and cons of buying a home in small cities in Catalonia

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Often people living in modern megacities dream of a qualitatively different way of life. A more natural, calm, spiritual way of life. I want to afford it at least for a while, to be able to feel it at rest or periodically change the environment. Looking at Spanish real estate, in this case, you should pay attention to housing in small towns, where you can enjoy the difference between life in the metropolis and such privacy. You can of course buy a mallorca villa, but today we will talk about the smaller cities of Catalonia. Where is the best place to buy an apartment or house? Which places in this beautiful province are best to bet on?

Barcelona, Girona, Figueres are not the only gems of Catalonia. This province is incredibly rich in interesting places. Everywhere you turn, there are medieval castles, ancient streets, ancient houses, wonders of nature, galleries, museums, magnificent beaches, many entertainments for every taste. Even in small cities with a population of several thousand people you will not get bored. But it’s one thing to come to such a place to rest for a while, to visit it by road, quite another – to live.

The pros and cons of investing in provincial Spanish real estate

When investing in real estate located in such places, it is necessary to consider a number of pros and cons. Of the pros and cons the following can be distinguished:

  • Any housing in the province is cheaper, whether it is an apartment, house or luxury villa;
  • High level of supply – the market is teeming with interesting properties;
  • Less likely to happen, etc. – The province is generally remote from urban disturbances;
  • In Spain, even small cities are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable life (Internet, banks, shops, health centers, quality roads, etc.);
  • Restaurants, cafes, bars and often even museums can be found in cities where only a few thousand people live.

Among the disadvantages of investing in provincial housing, we note:

  • Less demand among tourists – in small cities, guests are often traveling without overnight stay, or do not live long (this point is particularly relevant if there is a purpose to rent accommodation);
  • Less cultural life with their own accommodation: concerts, theatres, etc. have to go to Barcelona or other larger cities;
  • The level of demand for provincial housing is lower – reselling such housing will be relatively difficult, but in this regard, much depends on the property itself (beautiful, comfortable home in a picturesque place will always be in demand).

Even in small villages in Spain have the Internet and other benefits of civilization, road coverage – good, that is, the backwater here – the phenomenon is not common, although such a thing in very remote villages can meet. Purchasing provincial housing for themselves, rather than for rent, almost no inconvenience associated with the geographical distance from the metropolis, will not arise. It’s a matter of taste – when you find your paradise, you can enjoy life anywhere, remember at least Salvador Dali and his Cadaques. And the development of the Spanish province as such will contribute to it.

However, even if there is a purpose of own living plus renting out, it will not be difficult to find suitable options with developed tourist potential. Such cities can be called the most promising in Catalonia. When buying property in the province, you should pay attention to the infrastructure (availability of shops, hospitals, entertainment centers) and tourist potential (if the property is acquired for permanent or periodic rent).