6 Key Requirements When Building a Successful Common Data Environment

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A Common Data Environment (CDE)  is critical to driving collaboration and measurably improving construction productivity, quality, and satisfaction.

The ability to create, share, and manage project information among internal and external teams is a core component of LEAN life-cycle management manage of the built environment, efficient renovation, repair, and construction, and overall BIM.

A Common Data Environment resides at the core of any successful BIM strategy, enabling team members make better decisions throughout the project life-cycles.

6 Key Requirements When Building a Successful Common Data Environment

1 Choose the right team

Choose team members to with the management and technical skills necessary to work collaboratively to achieve desired project outcomes.

A motivated, competent team is key to success.

2 Define roles and responsibilities

Roles,  responsibilities, deliverables, and schedules must be clearly defined, ensuring that each team members is assigned proper access the Common Data Environment.

Spending time up front to set up a CDE assures efficient and transparent access to information shortens overall project delivery times.

3 Define workflows

Clearly define works flows, stages, documents, and approvals.

4 Common language and data availability

Define a common glossary of terms, definition, and data architectures, including file formats and use of non-proprietary, open formats whenever possible.

Assure data is available anywhere, anytime, including mobile devices.

5 Data security

The CDE must meet data safety and service level requirements, including encryption and data recovery.  Include multiple levels of access based upon user and information types.

6 BIM – Building Information Management

A Common Data Environment, in combination with life-cycle centric Building Information Management enables significant cost savings as well as on-time, on-budget, project delivery and improved levels of satisfaction for all participants and stakeholders.

Common dataIn relationship to BIM, display of federated BIM models is key.

Building in Cloud’s BiC CDE module  was designed to meet these essential requirements: to operate safely and guarantee a higher level of efficiency, as well as ease-of-use.