Do you need to share your projects documents and your BIM models in real time safely?

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Construction, design and facility management teams are under pressure to more rapidly organize data and leverage mobile tools to enable access to, and the management of, actionable information… anytime and anywhere.

Streamlining, simplifying, standardizing, and automating Construction Document Management processes is an essential step towards improving productivity, quality, and overall value for all stakeholders.   This process creates a competitive advantage for innovative construction companies.

A Construction Document Management System must allow the visualization of the most common files used in the construction industry, such as drawings and BIM models.

Appropriate, current, and actionable digital document must be available to participants and stakeholders.

Only those that are successful in this effort will achieve increased business productivity and efficiency, while reducing operating costs.

Operating separately, isolated from the value chain, is rapidly becoming unsustainable.

Building in Cloud is an example of a framework expressly designed to meet the needs of the AECOO community to share and manage information of a building as well as ensuring greater efficiency in team activities.   Current, actionable, and commonly formatted information is available to all team members (internal and external) anywhere, anytime and from any device (PC, Tablet or Smartphone).

A free version is available to help you getting started to improve your team’s efficiency and allows you to have all the information and documents of your buildings and projects always at your fingertips.