Does a Home Addition Change the Home Value?

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When you need more space, you might think about buying a new home or adding to your current house. Adding to a current home can be cheaper and easier. In addition, it can keep you in the same area, and you might get more for your money, depending on the market. However, if you plan on selling, you might want to think about what the addition will do to the home value and sellability.

Will a Home Addition Change the Home Value?

Yes! By adding to your home and changing it, you will change the value of it as well. Though it can be by a small amount, large amount, up, or down. It goes without saying, the bigger the change you addition you build, the more the home will change value. Similarly, if you only expect the entry by a couple of feet, you might not see much, if any, of a difference. While you might not be able to predict by how much, you can do things to make sure you’re spending money without throwing it away.

How to Make Your Home Addition Count

Make Sure It’s Legal

Though it might seem obvious, it’s easy to misunderstand laws in regards to building a new home or home addition. To be sure that you are following all laws, you should consult with your local homeowner’s association, any regulatory boards in your city and state. In addition, hiring a professional designer and construction manager can ensure safety. These people will know the local laws and be sure nothing goes wrong during construction or after.

Keep It High Quality

If you are looking to increase the value of your home by adding a home addition, then you want to be sure that the addition is of high quality. Making sure that the best materials are used and the plumbing and electrical work are top-notch will ensure that your home edition doesn’t accidentally lower the value of your home. This is another reason why hiring a contractor will be useful. You will never have to worry about the quality if you let a verified and confirmed professional handle the work.

Make it Match

If you want to keep the home looking “right.” then you want the outside and inside of the addition to match the original home. For example, siding, doors, windows, and roofing should at least blend seamlessly. On the inside, continued flooring, wall color, or finishing can ensure that the flow is better than if you had stark changes. Finally, be sure to make the “flow” of the home stable. Though this can be hard, the better the addition melds into the existing home, the better.

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